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FreeCell Solitaire is not a simple game. It is oriented towards experienced Solitaire card game players. But no worries, here you can try our simplified game mode before starting to play with skilled players. Start practicing FreeCell Solitaire now and make all of your friends jealous of you superb FreeCell score. The good thing that FreeCell Solitaire is winnable in 95%, so when you play it just a matter of time how fast you will get there.

The Objective of the game is to place all 52 cards in the deck to 4 foundation piles in ascending order keeping same suit. Initially all cards are in tableau, and you can move them around including place them in free cells. You can place cards of lower rank of alternate color on top of the cards of higher rank. You can move multiple-cards at once if there is enough space in free cells or there is free space in the tableau, so all the cards in the run are covered.

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FreeCell Solitaire Features